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  1. 35 oz. Xylitol Zaffi® Taffy Canister 35 oz. Xylitol Zaffi® Taffy Canister

    200 for $53.99

    Only 27¢ each

  2. LovelyÖ Organic Lollipops LovelyÖ Organic Lollipops

    80 for $22.99

    Only 29¢ each

  3. Swirl Saf-T-Pops® Swirl Saf-T-Pops®

    120 for $33.49

    Only 28¢ each

  4. Saf-T-Pops Lollipops Saf-T-Pops Lollipops

    100 for $29.49

    Only 29¢ each

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