Bandage Art

Bandage Art

Bandage Art

Bandage Art

Katie Taylor, CCLS Child Life On Call for SmileMakers Inc.

Facing the Unknown

Going to a hospital or other medical practice can sometimes be intimidating, especially for children. So how do we help kids feel more comfortable in these spaces?

The Magic of Medical Play

Halloween Monsters

Medical play is a key intervention that child life specialists implement to familiarize patients with medical equipment and procedures in a non-threatening way– through play! Medical play has been known to reduce stress and anxiety associated with the hospital and medical procedures and at the same time, boost a child’s confidence and understanding of medical items.

Let’s Put a Bandage On

A child can participate in medical play through a structured approach, such as a guided art activity, or through an unstructured approach, where their imagination can go wild! Whichever approach you offer, providing the child with the freedom to express their creativity helps them feel comfortable and heard.

One common, yet important, medical item that has numerous opportunities for art and creativity is bandages! Bandages are used in the hospital for the littlest of scrapes or pokes to protecting large wounds or surgical sites.

LollipopsYounger children, whether they have been to the hospital or not, have most likely encountered bandages when they get shots at the doctor’s office, when they get boo-boos at home, or when they get scrapes on the playground.  Bandage art can be introduced to toddlers, similar to introducing stickers and markers. Familiar designs and fun characters can be incorporated into everyday art projects, and they are great for strengthening fine motor skills. Just be warned--you may find bandages on furniture and floors! 

Children in their preschool and school-age years may enjoy a more formal approach to their art. Themed stickers like their favorite sports or their favorite movie can be used to create magical scenes. What makes this activity different from just placing stickers on a paper is the presence of a trusted adult or caregiver who can open the conversation surrounding medical experiences, answer questions, and offer support.

SmileMakers Has It All is the place to go for an amazing selection of bandages. You can find a variety of sizes, designs, and patterns that not only offerRecall Cards  quality care for medical needs, but also excite little minds and encourage creativity through medical play. Stock up for your little patients today!





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