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How do I use SmileMakersCanada.com?
What are your regular hours of operation?
Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 6:00pm EST | Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm EST
Is there a minimum amount I have to order?
There is no minimum amount that you have to order. However, there are minimum shipping and handling rates.
What is SmileMakers pricing policy?
While SmileMakers intends to maintain correct pricing, SmileMakers reserves the right, to be exercised at our sole discretion, to revise prices, limit quantities and correct pricing errors.
Does SmileMakers provide printable order forms?
Right-click the link below to save a printable order form.
2024 Order Form
What are the methods of payment options?
We offer businesses and organizations with established accounts the option of paying for their order after it is received. Just pay from the invoice included in the package within 20 days of receiving the merchandise.

For individuals,we welcome: Master Card, Visa and American Express
You may mail in your order with a check or money order payable to SmileMakers:

For Children Co.
91 Station Street, Unit 4
Ajax, Ontario L1S 3H2
Need a larger quantity?
If you are looking for a larger quantity on any of our products please call 1-888-456-SMILE (7645) for a free quote.
How can I exercise my tax exempt status?
Tax Exempt? Please call 1-888-456-SMILE (7645) to place your order, and have your tax exempt form ready.

SmileMakers Account

I have a balance due at SmileMakers. What are your payment options?
We now accept EFT payments. If you are interested in this pay method, please email [email protected] for further information.

Credit card payments can be made:
· Online: www.smilemakerscanada.com/billpay
· Contact Customer Service at 1-888-456-7645.
Or you can remit payment by mailing a cheque to SmileMakers Customer Service, 91 Station Street Unit 4, Ajax, Ontario L1S 3H2.
How can I view my order history and check on an order status?
It's easy to view your order history and check the status of an order. Click here to get started.
How can I change my password?
Click here to change your password. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so.


When will I receive my order?

Please call customer service at 1-888-456-SMILE (7645) for information about shipping time to your specific location if not listed in the shipping table.

In stock orders ship same day if ordered by 3PM ET. Please allow delivery to your location based on the chart below.

Location/Province UPS UPS
Express Saver
Newfoundland 6-7 days

1 day

St Johns

Labrador No Service


New Brunswick 4-6 days 1 day


Nova Scotia 6 days 1 day


Quebec 4-5 days 3 bus days


Montreal 3 days 1 day  
Ontario 4 days 1 day Thunder Bay
GTA (Greater Toronto Area) 2-3 days 1 day  
Manitoba 6 days 1 day Winnipeg
Saskatchewan 6 days 1 day Regina
Alberta 6 days 1 day

Calgary / Edmonton

British Columbia 6 days 1 day Vancouver/Victoria
PEI 5-6 days 1 day Charlottetown
BC Islands No Service N/A  
Yukon / NWT / NU No Service N/A  

Rush Orders

In a hurry? Next Day and Second Day UPS are available. Charges for the services depend on package weight and your location within Canada - your Customer Service Representative will gladly assist you. Please call 1-844-386-0365.

Please note UPS does not offer ground service to all areas within Canada.

How do I get an additional copy of an invoice?
It's easy to check on ALL the orders you've placed with SmileMakers. If you placed your order via internet, simply click on the Order History link located in the red bar at the top of the page. From there, you can see the detail of previous orders and even print a copy for your records. If you placed your order via fax or phone click here for our invoice request form.
When will my discount and promotions show on my order?
Any special pricing or promotional offers will be reflected in your order total after step 3 of the checkout process. You will be able to view this information before finalizing your order.
Why did my products from SmileMakers have another company's name on the package?
SmileMakers Quality Assurance Promise: In your package, you may see items produced and packaged by other companies. As we search the globe for new products to expand our product selection, we sometimes buy from other companies until we're sure our customers are going to like the products we selected, at which point we will produce them ourselves. Rest assured that we hand-pick and extensively test each and every product we carry. Every item meets or exceeds Consumer Product Safety standards and must pass our internal testing as well.
If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of a product you receive, please call us. We have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell. We will make it right!


What do you mean by "unit" of stickers?
A unit is one box, one roll, or one pack of stickers. The number of stickers in a unit may vary depending upon which type of sticker you are purchasing.
How many stickers are in a unit?
Our most popular stickers have 100 stickers per unit. Specialty stickers including Glitter, Sparkle, Glow-in-the dark, Foil, Flicker and Scented have 50 or 75 stickers per unit. See each product's details for exact quantity.
How much do the stickers cost?
Our stickers are sold in unit quantities. The price chart below shows how much each unit costs. We offer price breaks at certain unit totals.
Stickers Prices
# of Units Unit Price
What is the difference between a box and a roll?
Stickers are available on rolls or in boxes
Is there a difference in quantity between rolls and boxes?
No. Sticker quantities are the same regardless of whether you select roll or box.


How can I view the logos and recall card messages available for my imprint?
Logos for custom items can be found on the item detail page for each customizable item,
or you can click here to view our logo library. You can also view our pre-made recall call messages here.
Where I can I find specifcations for uploading my own images?
You can find them here: View Image Upload Specs.
Can I download a printer template for Laser Recall Cards?
Yes, click the link below to download the template in Microsoft Word format.
Laser Recall Card Template

Shipping & Delivery

What if I need a special delivery date?
For rush and personalized orders that are needed in hand - [email protected] or call 1-888-456-SMILE (7645). Please include your Customer Account number that is located in the top left corner of your screen after you log in and the Order Number you receive after you place your order. Special shipping charges will apply. Express orders ship same day if received by 4pm.
What are the shipping and handling rates?


SUBTOTAL Shipping & Handling
up to $49.99 $14.99
$50.00 -  $99.99 $16.99
$100.00 - $149.99 $19.99
$150.00 - $199.99 $23.99
$200.00 - $249.99 $26.99
$250.00 - $299.99 $29.99
$300.00 - $349.99 $31.99
$350.00 and up 10% of merchandise total


How can I return something?
Returns are rare at SmileMakers, but if for any reason you're not totally satisfied, you can return the merchandise for a full refund within one year of purchase. Simply call 1-888-456-SMILE (7645) to speak with a representative and we'll arrange to pick up your order.
What if I'm not happy with my order?
SmileMakers guarantees everything we sell with a 100% guarantee. If your order doesn't exceed your expectations, just call us and we'll exchange it or send you a full refund within one year of purchase. Your business is that precious to us


Offrez-vous des services en français?
(Do you offer service in French?)
Nous offrons un service en français au téléphone . S'il vous plaît appelez l'un de vos représentants et ils seront heureux de vous aider. (We offer service in french by telephone. Please call one your representatives and they will be pleased to help you). Call toll free 1-888-456-SMILE (7645).


How can I get a SmileMakers catalogue?
Call the toll free number 1-888-456-SMILE (7645) or click here to request a FREE catalogue online.
How do I remove my address from your mailing list?
At SmileMakers, we care about the environment. If you receive more than one catalogue or if you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please mail us the address area from the back cover of each catalogue received. Indicate the correct address, or that you no longer wish to receive our catalogue.

Mail to:
SmileMakers for Children Company
Mail Preference
91 Station St., Unit 4
Ajax, Ontario L1S 3H2

Our Toll Free Fax number is 1-877-567-SMILE (7645).

We sometimes share our mailing lists with other reputable companies. If you'd prefer not to receive these mailings, send us a note with your name and address exactly as it appears on the back of your SmileMakers catalog. If you would like to remove your name from ALL mailing lists, go to The "CMA Do Not Mail Service" and follow the directions on that page.


How do I prevent my SmileMakers Vending Machine from jamming?
  1. Only use with SmileMakers tokens. Other tokens and/or quarters may jam the mechanism.
  2. Ensure that all capsules are securely closed when filling your machine. If a capsule is not secured it could open during use and it, or the toy, could become stuck in the dispenser.
  3. Large Bouncing Balls (not in capsules) and Capsule Toys should not be mixed together. This will likely jam the dispenser.
What size Bouncing Balls can be dispensed by SmileMakers Vending Machines without a capsule?
Only 43mm – 47mm Bouncing Balls can be dispensed by SmileMakers vending machines without being placed in a 2" capsule. Any smaller or larger size Bouncing Balls will likely get jammed in the dispenser.
All SmileMakers Bouncing Balls that are smaller than 43mm can be used in SmileMakers vending machines if placed in a 2" capsule for proper dispensing.
My vending machine will not dispense. What's wrong?
If your machine is not dispensing correctly, please check the following:
  1. Are you using only SmileMakers tokens in the machines?
    If not, this can cause the token mechanism to jam. SmileMakers tokens are specifically designed to fit in the mechanisms. Other size tokens and quarters may cause the machine to jam.
  2. Are you using only 2" capsules or 43mm-47mm bouncing balls without capsules in the machine?
    SmileMakers Vending Machines are specifically designed for 2" capsules and 43mm-47mm bouncing balls. Other size balls that are not enclosed in capsules and smaller or larger capsules will not work in SmileMakers Vending Machines.
  3. Are all of the capsules securely closed?
    If the capsules are not closed, the lids and/or toys can become stuck in the vending mechanism and cause the machines to jam. If you see that capsules are not closed, please empty your machine, securely close the loose capsules by pressing the lid against the capsule top until it clicks, and refill the machine.
My handle won't turn correctly or is difficult to turn.
We recommend that you do the following to ensure that the machine is functioning correctly. If, after taking these steps, you are still having difficulties, please contact customer service.
  1. Empty machine and make sure all capsules are closed
  2. Remove any broken or opened capsules
  3. Refill machine by gently pouring in the capsules
Can I mix Bouncing Balls with Capsule Toys?
We do not recommend mixing large bouncing balls that are not contained inside capsules with capsule toys. Due to the weight difference between the 43mm-47mm bouncing balls and typical capsule toys, mixing the two can cause your machine to jam by dislodging capsule tops.
Can quarters be used in SmileMakers Vending Machines?
No. Quarters may jam the mechanism. Instead, you could set up a trade-in counter at your reception or check out desk so that patients and siblings can trade their quarters for SmileMakers tokens.
Do you have online instructions for assembling my machine?
VMA20SM Compact Vending Machine: PDF
VMA25 Classic Vending Machine: PDF
VMA32 SmileMakers Classic Plus Vending Machine: PDF
VMA49 SmileMakers Double Stack Vending Machine: PDF

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